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Breakfast and Lunch

While there is no cafeteria in our building, we participate in the school breakfast and lunch program which provides grab-and-go meals at no cost to students. Meals are brought into our building each day and are available just before school and during the lunch period. Students also have access to a microwave and a refrigerator to store lunches from home. In addition, there is a snack and drink machine in the Student Lounge. 

Upon arrival, students may receive a grab-and-go breakfast bag and take to their first period classroom. Students at Open High have an extended lunch period to accommodate travel from off-site locations. Though students may also travel off-site for lunch, they must return to Open on time for their next class. Lunch is unsupervised at Open. Students who are unable to get back to school for their afternoon class on time will lose the privilege of leaving the building for lunch. Positive behaviors and safety precautions are also required at all outside lunch locations. Failure to follow expectations will result in loss of privileges. 

Food delivery drivers will not be allowed inside the building. If you order food, you must meet the driver outside. Under no circumstances will students be allowed to leave class to pick up food.