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Student Reps



The main body of student government at Open High School is Student Representatives. Student “Reps” meet on Thursday when Thursday schedule is in session and at various times for other weeks of the year. Each Family group sends two representatives to the meeting and maintains two alternates should the Family Representative be unable to attend the meeting. All students and staff are welcome to attend Reps, but only Family Representatives can vote. 

Student Reps are the voice of the student body, charged with discussing student concerns with policies/programs/initiatives, proposing actions to improve the overall student experience, and working together with the principal to make the Open experience positive for the entire community. Student Reps organize school wide activities such as Spirit Week, Day in the Park, Thanksgiving Feast, and Winter Project. Student Reps are sponsored by two teachers and are most often led by a Student Reps Chairperson or Co-chairs elected by the group within the first few weeks of the school year. Student leaders should use a simplified parliamentary procedure format to conduct productive meetings.

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