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Class of 2023

Senior Spotlight!



🎓 2023 Commencement, Thursday, June 8, 10 AM 🎓

Please enjoy this video tribute to the Class of 2023

from Wilber Arias, winner of the 2023 Spirit of Open High Award.

We can't wait to celebrate all of you on your big day!


Please review the following, and let us know if you have any questions.

  • 9:00 AM: Graduates arrive in cap & gown at the Altria Theater and enter from side entrance on Main St. Proceed to the downstairs ballroom. DO NOT BRING ANYTHING WITH YOU.

  • 9:15 AM: Front doors open for guests with tickets. No guests will be allowed to enter the auditorium during the procession, so be on time. If guests arrive after the processional they will be directed to balcony seating.

  • Guest parking is available on the street in designated areas and in the VCU parking deck directly across from the Altria Theater. The cost to park in the parking deck is $10.





Click here to see SAT Dates and Deadlines


Scholarships Abound! 

Please check out the The OHS Future Center and the Class of 2023 Google Classrooms regularly. Here are a few to get started if you haven't yet seen.

GRASP Scholarships are open to students who have met (or parent(s) have met) with GRASP advisor Amy Swierczewski (schedule here or reach out via email)

  • Grasp Last Dollar Scholarship (award between $500 - $1000)-- at least one awarded at Open High LINK - Due March 31
  • Grasp Community College Pathway Scholarship - For students pursuing community college career certificates or transfer degrees ($1000 and renewable!) LINK - Due March 31
  • Cobb Imprint Memorial Scholarship - Open to students who have lost one or both parents. (2) $3,000 scholarships are awarded LINK - Due April 30th
  • Flying Squirrels All Star Legacy Scholarship - One $5,000 renewable scholarship and two $1,000 renewable scholarships. Student should be involved in a sport (note: can be ANY sport - doesn't have to be a school sport). LINK - Due May 31
  • Flying Squirrels Richmond 34 Scholarship - One $5,000 scholarship open to a student who is attending Virginia Union or Virginia State University.- Due May 31

And more:

  1. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics: Hampton Roads “Futures in Aerospace” Scholarship - Deadline March 20th LINK
  2. VCTA Future Leaders Scholarship - Deadline March 30th LINK
  3. Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Richmond Scholarship (for prospective business majors) - Deadline March 31 LINK
  4. Corbell Scholarship (indigenous education) - Deadline March 31 LINK
  5. Network of Enterprising Women Scholarship - Deadline March 31 LINK
  6. 423 Fund Scholarships (Chesterfield Residents only) - Deadline April 1 LINK
  7. Delta Sigma Theta general scholarship AND Joyce C. Johnson Memorial Scholarship (potential education majors) - Deadline April 10 LINK
  8. Society of Women Engineers Richmond Scholarship - Deadline April 1 LINK
  9. Martha Mason Memorial Scholarship (open to students who reside in Chesterfield and are from underrepresented backgrounds) - Deadline April 3 LINK
  10. Brightpoint Community College General Scholarships - Deadline April 15 LINK
  11. Richard Bland College Scholarships LINK
  12. CGCS Barnard Harris Math and Science Schoarship LINK

School Counseling & College Preparation

Students should always check out what's happening at the Counselor Connection or connect with Micah at

Brandy Paige is our RVA Future Center Navigator, here to help students--especially seniors--navigate their future with information, opportunities, and resources. She will be available in the Writing Lab on Thursdays and in the OHS Future Center Classroom you may also contact her via email at

GRASP advisor, Amy Swierczewski is available every other Wednesday in the Writing Lab from 8:30-1:30. Make an appointment HERE or virtually by appointment from 7-8 PM.

Senior year college planning calendar


  • Check with the financial aid offices to ensure your paperwork is complete. Submit tax forms if they request them.
  • Narrow your school choices and make campus visits.
  • Be on the lookout for acceptance letters.
  • Start looking for summer jobs.


  • Compare financial aid award letters.
  • Make your final school decision and mail deposits, as required.
  • Check with the school you've chosen about returning financial aid award letters.
  • Notify the schools you have chosen NOT to attend.
  • Plan for registration, orientation, and housing, and mark your calendar with important dates.


  • Be aware of any summer orientation sessions that you must attend at the school in which you will enroll, and make plans accordingly.
  • Finalize your summer job plans, and make a plan for saving a portion of your summer earnings.
  • Prepare a realistic student budget.
  • Follow up with your high school to ensure the counselor forwards your final school transcripts to the college.
  • Request college transcripts for any dual credit courses you took in high school, a copy for you and a copy for the college you plan to attend.


  • Plan for college transportation.
  • Notify your high school guidance office of your college selection and any scholarships received.
  • Follow up with the financial aid office to ensure all paperwork is complete.
  • Attend or register to attend college orientation.
  • Make sure thank you notes for graduation gifts are written.
  • Work with your parents or guardians on things that you need to know how to do, or how to do better, while at college, like doing laundry, taking care of your car, balancing your bank account.


  • Save money from your summer job.
  • Send “thank you notes” to everyone who helped you plan and prepare for college.
  • Make copies of your financial aid forms, health forms, etc. for your files to aid in resolving future issues.
  • Register for the fall semester.
  • Prepare a contact list with addresses of friends and family members and make labels with your new address, some for you and some to share with others.
  • Prepare for the new adventures that await you on campus!

Congratulations! It's time to get ready to start college.